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Local, Provincial & National Benefits Trends

In order to provide effective employee benefits plans, it is important to stay up-to-date with the employee benefits market. Employee benefits are no longer an added bonus, it is often the deciding factor of an employee’s workplace experience. Smythe Employee Benefits has been creating and implementing benefits plans for over 25 years and has continued to adapt along with the changing interests of a modern workplace.


Making Sure Your Plan Is Competitive & Relevant for Employees

Smythe Employee Benefits is committed to working with you to implement the best employee benefits plan for your business. We offer:

  • Implementation and management of your benefits plan.

  • Detailed reporting throughout the year to keep you informed.

  • Ongoing communication about your plan and what is new in the market place

  • A strong commitment to service for you and your employees.

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The Importance of Employee Benefits for Small Businesses

Employee Benefits are important for small business’ recruitment strategy and their competitive edge. People want to work for a company that protects their employees and offers employee benefits that align with their needs. With the right benefits plan, you will be able to recruit top talent and keep your company competitive in the job market.

The employee benefits plan that a small business offers can also affect employee retention. As you grow your business, you want to make sure that you are not losing quality employees to larger companies. Offering an employee benefits plan that is relevant to your employees will positively impact employee satisfaction, that in turn will impact employee retention.


Starting with a Comprehensive Comparative Analysis

Whether you are looking to implement an employee benefits plan or you are looking to improve on the one you already have, Smythe Employee Benefits is here to help. Our comparative analysis gives insight into the employee benefits market that will be used to build an employee benefits plan that will give you an edge over competitors. We will ensure that you are offering the best benefits plan at an appropriate cost.

Smythe Employee Benefits is committed to providing businesses in downtown Vancouver with the best benefits plans for their employees so that they can continue to successfully grow their business. The benefits plan that you offer is a crucial aspect of your business and employee’s future with your company.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about implementing a group benefits plan at your company, take a look at some of the common questions we get from clients. Contact us today if you have any further questions, we are happy to answer them!

Group benefits or employee benefit plans are a form of compensation available to employees on top of their regular salary. Benefit plans can be implemented in many forms and have become a very important aspect of the job market. Employee benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, gym memberships, workplace perks are common benefits among many others.

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Employee benefits have become a crucial factor that people consider when choosing whether to accept a job offer. If you want to attract top talent in your industry or keep employees from leaving to work for a competitor, you’ll want to introduce group benefits at your startup or small business. Group benefits can help you stand out from other companies and keep your current employees happy with continuing their careers with you.

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Knowing whether your current group benefits plan is what is best for your business can be difficult if you don’t have a complete understanding of the employee benefits market. It also relies on a few different factors such as your employee needs, your budget and the industry you operate in. When you choose to work with Smythe Employee Benefits, we will provide you with a comparative analysis to give you an idea of how your current group benefits plans compare with other benefit plans being offered in your industry. Using this comparative analysis, we’ll be able to provide recommendations on what changes can be made to make sure you are offering the best benefits plan at an appropriate cost.

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Yes, you should. A good benefits plan should properly reflect the needs of your employees since they are the ones who are directly impacted by it. The best way of ensuring that the benefits plan reflects their needs is involving them in some capacity when planning the group benefits plan. Depending on your workplace dynamic, you can ask your employees about what group benefits they would be interested in, or create an anonymous form for them to voice their preferences.

At Smythe Employee Benefits, we are committed to providing the best service to you and your employees so we can handle discussions regarding benefit plans.

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